Loughor RFC | Under 15s 10 - 10 Nantyffyllon RFC | Under 15s
Jack Phelps
1 Try
Cian Gwynne
1 Try

Match Report
14 September 2016 / Team News

Anorther poor performance by the Social Team

We came away from Loughor devastated with a draw whilst the home team seemed to be happy to hold on. From the kick off we were turned over the first five times we had the ball, add this to the fact we didnt make a decent tackled for 15 mins we desevedly went behind to a committed Loughor sides penalty. This seemed to kick us into gear (as we were playing as if we had hangovers from the night before, obviusly not), and although we couldnt put together any sort of phases we managed through some decent tactical kicking from Lloyd to gain territorial advantage and spent most of the half on the attack. However  we butchered most chances with silly decisions and got turned over at vital times.(perhaps a few of the five a day fruits would have helped, although the boys seemed to have had lots of apples the night before) Eventually from a well worked penalty and some good hands Jack forced his way over out wide, Lloyd narrowly missed  the  touchline conversion. Half time 5-3 up.

After a stern talking to from the coaches,we expected a better showing second half. On the contrary our decision making and organisation got worse as the game went on, We did create a lovely overlap on one oocasion  when Jack drew the winger perfectly to put Alex over in the corner, oops a daisy sorry Alex obviusly suffreing from the shakes dropped the ball with the line at his mercy. This seem to lift Loughor and from our mistakes they got into our 22 and put good pressure on, we defended this very well and drove them into touch. From the lineout Llew took lovely middle ball (pass off the top) to Nathan who only 5 yards from the near touchline, had a rush of Alcohol(sorry blood) to the head and placed a perfectly weighted cross kick into the arms of the Loughor winger and only a fine tackle from Jack stopped them. Form the resulting scrum our slow motion half backs got charged down and the ball bounced beutifully into the attacking Loughor centres hands who just fell over for the try under the posts easily converted. Leaving us 10-5 with eight minutes to go. Eventually with the panic of losing in their heads we diplayed some quality play kicking sensibly to the touchlines and running strongly, and from another good tap penalty move Cian crashed over UNDER THE POSTS YES UNDER THE POSTS. Lloyd failed with the kick. (one shocked supporter stated "gran could have kicked that Dad") . Although we tried hard to get the final score we again got turned over and Loughor were happy to kck to touch for the draw.

This was another disappointing performance and although Lloyd missed a kick, the game should have been won well before that, and if everybody tried as hard as Lloyd it surely would have been. Also i think the choice of pre match evening activities need to be looked at .

There were only a few players who came out of it with any credit, Morgan tried hard and threw in well, Josh gave his all, and Jack was excellent in attack and defence, but yet again man of the Match was the all combatting Cian Gwynne for another committed performance.

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