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19/01/2018 15:49
Getting in the Stadium for Wales v Scotland, what you need to know.

WALES v SCOTLAND 03.02.18 | KO 14.15 |Gates open 11.15 The earlier you are, the quicker you’ll get in… the later you arrive, the longer it will take and the greater the risk of you missing the anthem. We have enhanced security procedures in place which means it will take you longer to get into Principality Stadium than it has done in the past. We don’t want you to miss kick-off or the anthem. Here are the key points you need to know to get the most out of your Principality Stadium matchday experience: CHECK BEFORE YOU TRAVEL. Be aware of road closures and public transport timetable al.....


YstradgynlaisRFC @ystradbluesrfc
21/01/2018 12:15:43
Seeing a lot of clubs using twitter to have cheap shots at other clubs regarding not being able to field teams etc.…
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NantyffyllonRFC @NantyffyllonRFC
20/01/2018 15:53:26
Try Taibach. Final score Taibach 5 - Nanty 33.


NantyffyllonRFC @NantyffyllonRFC
20/01/2018 15:51:25
Nanty 33.


NantyffyllonRFC @NantyffyllonRFC
20/01/2018 15:49:54
Try Ashton White, con Drew. Taibach 0 - Nanty 32.